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三洋産業 Coffee Paper Filter / 扇形コーヒーフィルター NO-103 5〜7人用 100枚 *

¥ 561

◼︎ 三洋産業 / Coffee Paper Filter NO-103( For 5-7 cups )

There are many kinds of coffee paper filter in markets, but it would be a mistake if you think it is just a paper and there is not much difference even if which paper you use.

In normal paper-filter-making process, paper is dried on a heating roller so crepe on one side is pressed down. On the other hand, This paper filter is added crepe on both sides dried by hot blast, not pressed on a heater, so the crepe on both sides of paper can be kept as it is and enough height of crepe is maintained.
“Two-Side Crepe” can keep enough air layer between paper and dripper so water can be flowed smoothly. 
Moreover, almost all fine coffee powder is attached on the crepe, so you can enjoy a clear cup of coffee without muddiness!

100 pcs / pack
For 5 to 7 cups
Made in Japan

*This item will be delivered on 8/7(Fri) at the earliest.

*Tax included.

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