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【SPECIAL】コロンビア / EL PARAISO "Lychee" 100g



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【Special Beans】
コロンビア / EL PARAISO Double Anaerobic Washed “Lychee”











生産者 : ディエゴ・サムエル・ベルムーデス
地域 : カウカ県ピエンダモ地区
標高 : 1,930m
品種 : カスティージョ
プロセス : ダブルアナエロビックウォッシュド ライチロット


【Special Beans】
Colombia / EL PARAISO Double Anaerobic Washed "Lychee”

<Tasting Notes>
Osmanthus, White peach, Passion fruit, Tea-like

If you're a coffee lover, you've probably heard of Colombia's El Paraiso plantation.
By thoroughly controlling the fermentation process after harvesting, the farm produces very unique coffees that overturn conventional concepts.

The most distinctive feature of the "Lychee" lot introduced here is its intensely floral aroma.
From the moment the coffee is ground and hot water is poured over it, sweet aroma like osmanthus flower rise up.
There are also nuances of black tea, white peach, and passion fruit.

Diego Samuel Bermudez, the owner of the farm, takes great pride in his anaerobic fermentation process, and his thorough control of the process allows him to profile the process for each flavor he wants to achieve, making it highly repeatable.

The following is a detailed description of the "Lychee" lot.

【Fermentation process】
The harvested coffee first undergoes an initial anaerobic fermentation at 18°C for 48 hours in the cherry state. The pulp is then removed and the coffee undergoes a second anaerobic fermentation at 19°C for 96 hours.
During the fermentation process, they constantly check the thermometer and pH meter to control the progress of the fermentation.

【Washing process】
After the fermentation process is complete, the green beans are washed.
First, they are washed with hot water at 40℃, and then with water at 12℃ for a second time.
This rinsing process is called "thermal shock washed," and is intended to allow the flavors from the fermentation process to penetrate deep into the beans by using different temperatures.

【Drying process】
Using Eco-Enigma, a dryer specially designed for green beans, the beans are dried for 34 hours at a temperature of 35℃ and a humidity of 25% to reduce the moisture content to 11%.
Although the drying is done with a machine, the quality is more stable and reproducible than natural drying by using the appropriate settings.

This thorough control of each step in the process creates unique flavors that were previously unthinkable in coffee!
This is the most advanced process using anaerobic fermentation, which is the latest trend in the specialty coffee industry!

If you try it, we are sure it will be a memorable cup for you.
Please give it a try!

ORIGIN: Colombia
FARM: El Paraiso
PRODUCERS : Diego Samuel Bermudez
REGION : Piendamo District, Cauca Province
ALTITUDE : 1,930m
CULTIVAR : Castillo
PROCESS : Double Anaerobic Washed ("Lychee" Lot)

CONTENT : 100g
*Roasted for FILTER

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